CTPAT is a voluntary initiative led by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that seeks to ensure the security of the global supply chain, while facilitating legitimate trade.

As a valued business partner, your participation in this program will be highly beneficial to both you and us.

By joining CTPAT, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Preferential access in the customs process.

CTPAT members receive preferential treatment in customs procedures, which can result in greater efficiency and a decrease in inspection times at the borders.

2. Reduction of inspections.

By being part of the program, your company will be considered low risk, which leads to a decrease in inspections and physical reviews of your shipments.

3. Improvement of security in the supply chain.

Through the implementation of specific security measures, such as the protection of facilities, personnel access management, information security and container control, we will contribute together to strengthen the security of our shipments and minimize the associated risks.

4. Global Recognition.

CTPAT is internationally recognized and valued as an effective security program. Being a part of this program demonstrates your commitment to safety and can open doors to new business opportunities.

Code of Conduct: Position Against Forced Labor in Supply Chains

At LAREDO CHB INC, we are committed to upholding ethical practices and fostering a responsible and sustainable business environment. We firmly believe in respecting human rights and promoting fair labor practices throughout our supply chains. We unequivocally denounce the use of forced labor in any form and are dedicated to eliminating it from our operations.

Our stance against forced labor is outlined in the following code of conduct statement:

Prohibition of Forced Labor:

We strictly prohibit the use of forced labor, which includes any work or service that is extracted involuntarily, under threat, or through coercion. This encompasses both physical and psychological coercion, debt bondage, human trafficking, or any form of modern slavery.

Supplier Compliance:

We expect our suppliers, contractors, and business partners to share our commitment to eradicating forced labor. Suppliers must comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding labor practices and human rights. They should also ensure that their own supply chains are free from forced labor.

Supply Chain Due Diligence:

We conduct thorough due diligence on our supply chains to identify and address any potential risks of forced labor. This includes assessing suppliers’ labor practices, ensuring transparency in the recruitment and employment processes, and monitoring working conditions to prevent any instances of forced labor.

Traceability and Transparency:

We strive for transparency in our supply chains. We expect our suppliers to provide accurate and reliable information about their sub-suppliers, ensuring visibility and traceability throughout the entire supply chain. This enables us to identify and mitigate any risks associated with forced labor effectively.

Collaboration and Remediation:

In the event that forced labor is identified within our supply chains, we are committed to taking prompt and decisive action. We will work closely with our suppliers to remedy the situation and provide necessary support to affected individuals. We encourage open communication and collaboration to address issues and prevent recurrence.

Continuous Improvement:

We recognize that eradicating forced labor is an ongoing effort. We are dedicated to continuously improving our policies, practices, and monitoring mechanisms to ensure compliance with this code of conduct. Regular audits, reviews, and training programs will be conducted to reinforce our commitment and identify areas for improvement.

Whistleblower Protection:

We provide channels for employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to report any concerns related to forced labor or unethical labor practices. We guarantee the protection of whistleblowers and pledge to investigate all reported cases thoroughly and take appropriate action.

At LAREDO CHB INC, we hold ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. We are resolute in our stance against forced labor and are committed to building a responsible and sustainable supply chain ecosystem.
By adhering to this code of conduct, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of workers, promote human rights, and contribute to a just and equitable society.