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More than 50 years of combined experience

Laredo CHB Background/About

Founded in 2010, Laredo CHB is a stable and reliable company, positioning itself in an excellent position within the field of American Customs Agencies, serving large, medium and small companies in Mexico, the United States and other countries.

Since 2011, Laredo CHB has the CTPAT certification, likewise since that same year it has been a member of the Laredo Customs Brokers Association (LLUSCBA).




Highly equipped office and warehouse.

Since 2010, our systems department oversees developing programs and systems according to the characteristics of each client to streamline operations and offer them a lower cost per service.

LCHB is your best option

We make sure that our clients always get an extra level of service. You will be sure that the customs clearance of your goods will be done safely and under current customs regulations without any setbacks.
Laredo CHB is characterized for being a company with an excellent reputation and totally reliable.


Enjoy exclusive benefits.

Our Profile

Experience in handling all types of products and merchandise.

Highly equipped offices and warehouse

Advice on customs matters

Electronic communication with other government agencies

Processing of operations through other ports

CTPAT Certification

Video surveillance and monitoring system in office, warehouse and patios.

Two American Customs Agents

Reducing costs and time

At our custom house broker company, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that foster the growth of our clients’ businesses. We remain committed to a culture of continuous improvement, constantly refining our processes to ensure optimal outcomes.